Camp NJoyItAll

_DSC0667_opt (1)IMG_0899_optCamp NJoyItAll is a summer residential camp for bleeding disorder patients and their siblings. It is a medically supervised camp with organized activities that help campers build self-esteem, confidence, independence, and lasting friendships. The children that attend summer camp have the opportunity to leave their illness behind.  At camp, these children learn to incorporate living with a bleeding disorder while enjoying outdoor summer activities.  The children can leave their fears and anxieties about their bleeding disorder behind and enjoy a fun filled week at summer camp.  Because of the specialized training of the camp staff, these campers are able to participate in many of the same activities as a camper without a bleeding disorder.  Campers swim, hike, fish, canoe, conquer ropes courses, eat meals together, and form friendships. The week of Camp NJoyItAll  creates many fun memories for the campers.

Not only is camp fun, it is educational!  Campers with bleeding disorders have the opportunity to learning about the self- infusion process with the help of the hematology nurse and the support of other bleeding disorder campers.  In a group setting all the campers come together and take part in a group learning session.  This activity is hands-on and a fun way for campers to learn. It is also a time for the older campers to be a role model for the younger campers.