About Us

The Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation,dba as Tri-State Bleeding Disorder Foundation (TSBDF), is a nonprofit organization with an over 40-year history of providing support, programs, and services to the bleeding disorder community of Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana.


We aspire to improve the quality of life for children and families living with bleeding disorders. The Tri-State Bleeding Disorder Foundation serves 16 counties assisting more than 500 patients and their families.  The focus of support for the entire family unit is a driving force behind developmentand implementation of programs operated by Tri-State Bleeding Disorders Foundation.



What we do… Emergency Assistance

To assist in meeting needs related to bleeding disorders TSBDF offers Emergency Assistance. Each patient’s needs are individual to theirsituation, but emergency assistance can include housing (rent, electric, mortgage, etc.), counseling, dental care (often coordinated withcommunity Dentists) and financial assistance directly related to the patients bleeding disorder.


Camp NJoyItAll

Children participate in educational and recreational experiences led by trained camp staff and supervised by medical personnel.Children exit the camp program with improved knowledge of their medical condition and memories to last a lifetime.



Educational information and support are offered through the collaborative efforts of TSBDF and the Hemophilia Treatment Centers. Thiscollaboration also provides newsletters through the publication of Children’s Hospital’s newsletter, Bloodline, as well as TSBDF’s newsletter,Bloodties.


First and Next Steps Programs

These programs are offered in collaboration with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The goal is to provide an opportunity forfamilies with children diagnosed with a bleeding disorder to network, build relationships, receive family-to- family support and learn more abouttheir child’s diagnosis.


Family Education Conference This two day conference is designed to increase knowledge of bleeding disorders and provide instruction related to managing issues faced by family members. The conference features guest speakers and breakout sessions, providing knowledge and community support.


The TSBDF takes an active role regarding health and insurance legislation through collaboration with theOhio Bleeding Disorder Council and the National Hemophilia Foundation.


Educational Programs

Annually the TSBDF offers 8-10 educational programs for our patients on a variety of topics. Eventsare often targeted to specific members of the community (for example adult patients or parents ofpatients) so specific questions may be addressed.



Over the past few years we have….

  • Sent nearly 100 children to Camp NJOYITALL
  • Provided more than 50 families with Emergency Assistance
  • Supplied more than 100 individuals with Medic Alert ID emblems.
  • Impacted over 500 individuals with 30 educational programs.



How we do it…

The Tri-State Bleeding Disorder Foundation is supported entirely by grants, special event fundraisersand private contributions. We are not a United Way Agency and receive no funding from the local,state or federal government.


TSBDF focuses on using all donations wisely by stretching donations to their fullest extent. TSBDFoffers many educational and support programs each year for the bleeding disorders community.