The Tri-State Bleeding Disorder Foundation is seeking to establish the Dr. Joseph E. Palascak, MD Endowed Chair in Bleeding and Clotting Disorders at the University of Cincinnati for patients with inherited and acquired bleeding and clotting disorders seen at the Barrett Cancer
Center and University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

This Hemostasis-Thrombosis Director would serve as the clinical leader of University of Cincinnati Medical Center in bleeding and clotting disorders. This Physician would implement policy, procedures and would ensure that all interests of the organization are kept in mind while providing comprehensive, high quality health care to our patients and as a member of the Hemophilia Treatment Center staff could help alleviate the patient caseload currently managed by Dr. Palascak and his staff.

This Fund will be used to recruit and/or retain a leading hematologist; offering protected time to focus on research as well as clinical and educational efforts to support and improve the quality of life of the Tri-State Bleeding Disorder Community. The prestige that would come from this named position, along with a more competitive compensation package would make this position highly sought after by experts in this field.

Dr. Joseph E. Palascak has been the Medical Director of the Adult Hemophilia Treatment Center, one of 140 Federally Funded Hemophilia Treatment Centers in the US, for more than thirty years.

In 2016 $4,088,279 was billed for factor clotting concentrate products by University of Cincinnati Medical Center for 30 patients under the care of Dr. Palascak seen in the hospital, emergency room and Barrett Cancer Center.

On average a patient with severe hemophilia may use approximately $300,000 in Factor during a 10 day hospital stay for a knee replacement and during a 3 day hospital stay for a shoulder replacement may use
$70,000 worth of Factor

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